Attorney Referrals

Referral Partnerships Built on Trust

At Galliani Injury Law, we recognize that the strength of our practice is bolstered by robust partnerships with co-counsel and mutual trust. Our clients and their referring attorneys are integral to our mission. We commit to securing outstanding results for our clients, paired with meticulous attention to their needs and unwavering support.

To our referring attorneys, we offer attractive fee structures and a promise of clear, ongoing communication. We ensure you are fully informed about case progress and engage with you to craft the most compelling legal strategies. We believe in a united approach—prioritizing your clients’ best interests and considering you as crucial allies in our shared mission.

Galliani Injury Law strives to be your trusted partner in catastrophic injury law. We are dedicated to client excellence and satisfaction, aiming to not just meet but exceed expectations with every case we undertake. Join us in forging a path to justice and successful client outcomes. You can reach us via our contact form or by calling our office at 214.301.3400.


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